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Joy’s products are 100% natural and made from the finest, freshest ingredients available.  We do not use preservatives or MSG. The main ingredients are hand selected from local producers in the Southwest, such as chilies from New Mexico and fruits from Colorado and Arizona. And, to ensure the combination of quality and superb taste, our products are cooked only in small batches.

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Joys of the Southwest Salsa Mix

Dry Salsa Mix

This dried mix is a blend of all the spices needed to make fresh salsa. This 4-oz. jar makes over two gallons of salsa. One tablespoon mixed with a can of tomatoes makes a perfect salsa. Throw in (to taste) to stews, chili, or dips for extra-good flavor without salt, fat, or preservatives. Mild to Hot, depending on how much mix used.

Available in 4 oz. bottles individually.

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